Perimeter Angles Drywall Suspension


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  • Used on the perimeter of the Drywall ceiling suspension systems and optional as suspension hangers.
  • Used along with primary channels to provide horizontal bridging to resist rotation and axial loads in wall applications.


Physical Properties:

  • Yield stress, Fy 33 ksi Ultimate, with G40-G90 Zinc coating

ASTM & Code Standards:

  • Perimeter Angle are produced to meet or exceed ASTM C645 and C955
  • Galvanized sheet steel meets or exceeds requirements of ASTM A-653
  • For installation & storage information refer to ASTM C1007 & C754

Green Benefits and Recycled Content:

  • LEED Credit MR 2 – USG products are manufactured from coldformed steel. Steel is 100% recyclable, which helps divert debris from the waste stream.
  • LEED Credit MR 4 – USG’s steel products have a minimum of 25.5% post-consumer recycled content, and 6.8% pre-consumer.


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0.45mm, 6 mm, 7mm


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