Unicem Fiber Cement Board (Indoor)


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UNiCEM United Fiber Cement Boards are made from a mix of cement, cellulose fiber and fire-resistant fillers on Hatschek machines.

The products having excellent resistance against fire, termite and moisture makes it ideal material for varying applications. The curing is done through AUTOCLAVING PROCESS which involves High Pressure Steam Curing for dimensional stability and durability.

The Hydration process changes the chemical structure of the cement/silica and bonding agents to produce highly durable and versatile fiber cement board. After autoclave, UNICEM United Fiber Cement Boards are allowed to go through a short stabilization period to get them in equilibrium with the ambient moisture content under a controlled environment.

UNICEM boards are stacked systematically palette for dispatch to clients.

UNiCEM United Fiber Cement boards consist of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers that are manufactured in layers to form sheets of varying thicknesses. The boards are manufactured using a process called autoclaving, which uses high-temperature steam curing to form the board and to increase the strength and stability of the sand and cement.

The cellulose fibers help to prevent cracking. A wood grain pattern is added to the surface of siding boards before the material is cured.

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12.5 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm


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